7 Hard-To-Miss Code Editors For Designers And Developers

Even with the growing surge of automated coding, the significance of manual coding hasn’t faded away. There is an impressive majority of designers and developers which still believes that traditional hand coding if performed using the right set of text editors can result into creation of remarkable websites and web apps. If you too are a budding designer or developer and like the concept of manual coding, here is a collection of 7 finest code editors which can turn truly advantageous for successful and timely execution of all your web design and development projects. So, let me walk you through these seven text editors right away.

1. BBEdit

Compatible with OS X platform and affordable priced at $49.99/£34.99, BBEdit is a brilliant HTML and text editor designed to suit the needs of software developers and web authors. Equipped with some high-end features like function navigation, code folding, SFTP and FTP open and save, search and replace across multiple files, AppleScript, text and code completion etc. BBEdit has been around for more than 20 years from now.

2. Ultra Edit

Brought to you by the renowned company called IDM Computer Solutions, Ultra Edit is a code editor that can be used for editing PHP, HTML, Perl, Javascript, C/C++, Perl, Python and any other programming language you intend to work with. Compatible with popular platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X; Ultra Edit comes with impressive features including: syntax highlighting, Column/block editing, Editor themes, Multi-caret editing, Integrated FTP Client, File/data sorting, Multi-select, Integrated SSH/telnet and many more.

3. Notepad++

If you’ve recently delved into the world of code editing, then Notepad++ is the code editing tool you can’t afford to miss. Whether it’s about editing multiple code snippets or just a few files, Notepad++ is an easy option for beginners as well as professionals. Key features of Notepad++ include: Search/Replace, Auto-completion, Zoom in and out, Syntax Folding, Multi-document tab interface and many more.

4. Bluefish

Loaded with multiple designer-friendly tools, Bluefish is a text editor which supports document templates and allows you to edit code conveniently. The tool comes with a unique set of wizards that can be used for adding CSS, tables, forms, audio and video objects. Additionally, you can use Bluefish for tag editing and document previewing as well. Specially designed to meet the needs of web developers and programmers, Bluefish also supports a range of markup and programming languages. Popular desktop operating systems compatible with Bluefish include: MacOS-X, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD and Windows.

5. Coda

If you’re planning to hand code a website in the most convenient manner, then Coda is the editor you’d regret missing. Compatible with popular operating systems including iOS and Mac OS X, Coda is being improved and updated on a regular basis. Available at a price of $99, Coda is equipped with interesting features such as: Indentation guides, Code folding, Fast find and replace, Automatic tag coding, stunning file management, Fast find and replace, Project wide auto complete, FTP/SFTP/WebDAV/Amazon S3 and many more.

6. Sublime Text

As a general-purpose text editor, Sublime Text is best suited for designers and developers who are into the habit of using their keyboard, powerful shortcuts and tools for making multiple selections, edits and filtering files. If you’re a designer/developer who’s juggling multiple clients at one point of time, then Sublime Text is the editor you must put to use without fail. While the editor can be downloaded and evaluated for free, it is recommended to purchase the license for continued usage.

7. ICEcoder

As an open source code editor, ICEcoder allows you to work directly within your chosen browser, irrespective of whether you’re connected to the internet or not. Features such as easy-to-install, lightweight etc. make ICEcoder one of the must-have code editors for designers and developers residing in different parts of the world. Some of the best know features of ICEcoder include: multiple cursors, find & replace builder, code hints, database management, broken tag indicators, secure login and many more.


Being tempted by the remarkable features of the aforementioned code editors, I honestly recommend choosing one of them to experience ultimate ease during web design and development. I’m quite sure the code editor that you’ll choose for your web project would help you in getting rid of existing coding errors and prevent the occurrence of any forthcoming bugs.

Samuel Dawson has multiple experience in the volatile industry of Web Design & Development. He is currently a Sr Developer with plenty of in-depth experience of developing different applications. Samuel is connected with Designs2html Ltd-a PSD to WordPress Service Company

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